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I'm an Author, Video Podcaster, Social Media Maven, Photographer, Digital Marketer, Dreamer, And Travel Addict

I’m also a road-trip loving, always learning + reading something new, writing books, cat cuddler and puppy wrangler, quoting the Princess Bride and Anne of Green Gables, loving stair-stepping at the gym (I wasn't always like this), and the official tea-barrista in our home. 

I've come a long way in my life, but I believe that with each step you can move toward or away from your dreams. So why not move toward them?

That's what you'll find here at Life Writing Wanderlust. A passion for moving toward all the things that make your life the wonderful and amazing life that you've ALWAYS wanted to live. Life Writing Wanderlust is 
all things lifestyle (When it comes to health, home, spiritual life, and your relationships), writing (since I'm a writer) and last but not least travel (Who doesn't LOVE seeing the world?!)

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