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Life doesn’t always go as planned. When life throws a mistletoe bomb at Addison LAST NAME, she is forced into a business deal with a stranger she meets in the airport—A fake fiancé for Christmas. Will she learn that not all good things are planned?


Meet Addison, charismatic and chatty, warm and reflective, and an extreme planning addict


All she wants is to inherit her great-aunt’s North Dakota inn. She’s not overly worried about sticking out like a sore thumb after six years in the Big Apple. The stupid rule that’s been plaguing her family for about a century is what she was more concerned about. Not because she was single, well . . . She’s getting back together with her high school sweetheart, Nick. In order to get the inn, she must be engaged by her 25th birthday. The Inn. Check. Nick. Check. Her plans are finally coming together.


Enter Teddy: calm and collected digital nomad/entrepreneur from Kentucky. 


He’s been stuck at the Fargo Airport all day. It’s as though North Dakota wanted him to stay for good especially with the upcoming blizzard. The day could’ve been worse, though. He could be stuck on a beach in Mexico with his toxic and narcissistic ex. He’s forever grateful that some plans fall through.


After meeting at the baggage claim, they make a plan—a business deal. He gets to stay at the inn and she gets her fake fiancé. Will Teddy be able to help Addison and will others believe they’re in a relationship? Only a well-thought-out plan and time will tell.



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  • Book Art/Character art 
  • Cheryl's World Famous Chai Tea Recipe Card - from the book
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