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Why You Should Do A Savings Challenge

We could always benefit from some extra cash, ammiright? I know I could!! So I wanted to share a collaboration I'm doing with a creator over at Etsy called, ToughGirls4Life. She sent me two of her challenges. 1. 52 Envelope Challenge and 2. 100 Envelope Challenge. Come along with me and check out these cool challenges.

You can get the savings challenges from ToughGirls4Life below:

Have Qapital Automatically Save For You

By using the savings APP, Qapital, we saved enough for a trip to Germany and are almost done saving for a trip this summer with my hubby's brother, his wife, and their kids. You really can use it to save a lot.

It's a subscription app, but it's seriously worth it. We pay $6 a month and it's helped us save way more than we've spent using this app.

Right now, if you sign up to use the app with my code, they will give both of us $25. You can sign up here: with my code: tq6wg8bt

DIY Envelope Savings Challenge

To add a DIY approach to your savings challenge, gather some envelopes. You can get these cheaply from a dollar story. And then grab a shoebox or container. Label each envelope with the numbers one through however many days you've chosen for your challenge. For example, if you're saving for 52 days, label 52 envelopes accordingly.

Next, place the envelopes in the shoebox or container, arranging them in numerical order (or keeping them out of order).

Each day, simply pick an envelope corresponding to the current day and deposit the predetermined amount into it. This method not only helps you visualize your progress but also adds a sense of accomplishment as you see the envelopes fill up over time.

Saving Every Day Can Help You Reach Your Goals

By incorporating this envelope savings challenge into your financial habits, you'll create a tangible and interactive way to track your progress and stay motivated on your financial journey. Before you know it, you'll have amassed a significant sum of money towards your savings goal, one envelope at a time.

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