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Where Was The Tower of Babel?

Sometimes I wish we had more information. Have you even found yourself wondering about the Tower of Babel? I know I have. I've always wondered about that time and how it must have been when God confused the language and how it was like when that happened? People couldn't understand each other. And then on top of that I've always wondered why God confused the language and why he didn't want the people working together. I'll get into this a little later.

Catching up on my Genesis notes that I got while reading it and wanted to share some more of the research I did while reading through Genesis. I've learned so much, and because of that I've been going through the book slowly.

Nimrod (Remember him? We mentioned him in this blog post: who was the son of the man Cush and also Noah's great grandson, was the man who commissioned the Tower of Babel. He was also described as the king in the land of Shinar which is where the tower was built.

What Was The Tower of Babel Like?

So since the Tower of Babel was likely never finished and because it's not standing today, we can't know exactly what it would look like. But they believe they know where the tower was built. I'll get into that soon here. BUT, the picture above is the Ziggurat in Ur. And Ur is where Abraham grew up. His family would have lived there. Isn't it crazy to see pictures of places where people from the ancient world would have lived?

I really loved this video. He talked about the tower and the people at the time. As well as where the tower was built. When I was reading this story in the Bible, I opened up Google and YouTube to try find out more. Because a large tower like that couldn't have "just" disappeared. So I found this video and it's a must watch!

Tower of Babel = Babylon?

In the video above he also chats about how the name Babel actually links to Babylon. If you are familiar with scripture and the Biblical world you will know of Babylon. It goes into endtime prochecy even. It just amazes me how everything from Genesis to Revelation is connected. I love that.

In the ancient world, they'd found that many people throughout time build temples in the same place. And it is believed that the Tower of Babel was going to be a place of worship for them where they'd worship their gods or something.

Confusing The Language?

Another thing I always wondered about was why would God want to confuse the language? My thoughts were, wouldn't he want the whole world and everyone to work together? You'd think right? BUT, when I was researching this I found some interesting things.

  1. Pride is reason behind the hearts of people when it came to the Tower of Babel. Isn't that interesting. "So that we may make a name for ourselves..." (Genesis 11: part of 4)

  2. God had commanded people to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 9:7) and when they stayed there they weren't spreading out like God had wanted them to.

I really enjoyed learning about this all and I think the gem I found was the video above. So so good. *Chef's Kiss Emoji*

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