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Top 5 Books From 2022 - Him & Her Edition

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Do you and your spouse/partner love to read? Well, then you've come to the right place! Johan and I love reading and we wanted to share our top reads from 2022. I always like sharing books that I'm loving, but wanted to do this with my husband so you guys get to know him more and books that your hubby might like too.

Plus, are you #clubprintbook #clubereader or an #audioreader? Or maybe you are all three like me? My hubby is an #audioreader. And listening does totally count as reading. :)

Our Top Books From 2022

Today I had the joy of having my husband on the video podcast and we chatted about our top picks when it came to books that we read in 2022. :) We read some really good ones!!

Mentioned in video:

Johan's 2022 Book Picks:

→ The Wish - Nicholas Sparks -

→ Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks -

→ The Unstoppable Live Beaufont Series - Sarah Noffke -

→ The Unhoneymooners - Christina Lauren -

→ Dark Matter - Blake Crouch -

Devin's 2022 Book Picks:

→ The Wish - Nicholas Sparks -

→ You Can Drop It - Ilana Muhlstein -

→ Harbinger II - Jonathan Cahn -

→ Letters From The Mountain - Ben Palpant -

→ The Light From You - Ellison Lane -

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