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Sunday Reflections | When Life Piles Up

At the end of our trip to South Africa we got sick with a nasty bug that just lingered. We were in Switzerland on a two night layover and that's when we felt our worst. Sounds like anyone's dream vacation adventure right? Traveling in a gorgeous country you are new to and having the beauty dulled/numbed by all of the pretty around you. And then on top of that, we had to go to Swiss Chemists and Drug Stores trying to find meds that'd help us and EVERYTHING was in German. Not a big surprise, right? But when you are sick and feeling awful all you want is a warm bath and a comfy bed in a dark room, you don't want to be standing in the medicine aisle at the grocery store with Google translate open on your phone. Yep, that was us.

When we got home, we were relieved and very happy. Showered and dropped into bed around 7:30 PM. As with everything when you're sick everything ends up piling up. The laundry went unwashed for a week. Which is a lot because we had three suitcases filled with clothing and other things. Which means our suitcases were also still out and not put away. Add the tiredness from our colds and that meant the dishes were piling up in the sink among other things too.

Everything seemed like a mess.

It's so easy to take health fore granted. Feeling healthy. Moving around and doing what you normally do.

I guess that just shows you how health is a major blessing. Not everyone has it. So if you have it cherish it and take care of it so you can be healthier for longer, because the benefits of being healthy are worth it. Sickness causes a lot of issue.

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