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Sunday Reflections | Small Big World

I just recently got back from traveling to South Africa where we visited my husband’s family. We stayed at this lovely AirBNB on the beach and slept with the windows open at night where you could hear the waves hitting against the beach. I had an amazing time and I know we’ll cherish it forever. After leaving we flew to Germany to meet up with some of my friends there and we had a delicious brunch with them.

Thinking about all of this while making supper last night with my husband—we talked about how the romance of it had disappeared. When I was little I had this fairy book idea of all places that aren’t home, but since we’ve seen the world and gone places we don’t just see South Africa as a foreign country but part of home because I’ve been there multiple times and have family there. Germany isn’t just this fantastical place filled with historical mysteries to us anymore. It’s now our stomping grounds where we have friends. Where we’d love to fly for a weekend to spend time with them at some Roman baths we went to last time we were there. When the places that used to be romanticized and foreign are now were we have friends and family. I have family in South Africa. Friends in Germany and Australia and other countries. My future brother in law is from Columbia. The world makes up my family. I know some people who don’t travel wonder why always go places. The world is as small or big as you make it. Nothing like taking part in other cultures, trying different foods, or befriending someone from somewhere else will broaden your world view and make the world oh so much smaller. Plus there will be times you crave the food from those places too. I always find myself missing something from somewhere else whether its koeksisters from South Africa, Turkish Apple tea and käse (cheese) noodles from Germany. When you travel new places, you take a bit of those places home with you and they become a part of who you are. You become brighter and more well versed in the ways of the world when you travel. That’s what was on my heart today as I reflected on our trip. Have you ever been on a trip across the world? How about even a roadtrip to the other side of the country or even just a weekend trip to a state where you’ve never been? If not, I want to encourage you… you only have one life. Choose a place and save up to take a trip there.

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