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Sunday Reflections | Decluttering Life

What does sweating buckets on the stair climber at the gym and cleaning out your linen closet have in common? In a way, when you do both, you're decluttering.

Just the other day, I brought a whole car load to the Boy's Ranch thriftstore. I don't know why I always hype myself up when I take stuff there. I think it's because I really struggle with getting rid of things because I get so attached to the memories with the things. I know our memories aren't in our things. They are inside our minds.

Minimalism is something that's helped me with this. I've been on a journey towards minimalism for awhile now, but I still feel like I'm at the beginning of this journey.

I want to declutter the stress.

Declutter the mess.

On one side it's getting rid of things you don't want or need anymore. You can think of exercising as a way to declutter your stress which makes you feel lighter and happier. Which is the same when you cut down on the things in your home.

One way I've been aiming to do this is cutting down on socks. Do you have a basket of unmatched socks? I did. But after, my husband and I went through ours and matched all the ones we had. Then we put all the others in a bag to donate. (Did you know you can donate socks to your local vet?) There's something about piles of laundry and stuff sitting around. So it feels so good to get rid of things so you have less.

I love living on less. Decluttering life so you can live more and stress less.

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