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Long Distance Relationships + OUR STORY - HIM + HER

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

I wish we could normalize long-distance relationships. Especially with the way our world is and how digital it has become. It's a lot easier to stay in touch with your loved ones now than ever before. Your loved ones are a button away. No more snail mail taking weeks across the sea-being delivered by ocean liner.

That helps whether you are in the same town as your partner or a few states apart or across the world like my husband and I were (before we started dating). He was in Australia and I was in Minnesota/North Dakota. Being in a long-distance relationship inspired me to put together a collection of fictional short stories about couples in long-distance relationships. P.S. It's open for submission, so if you're a writer, be sure to submit if you're interested.

When Johan (yo-hun) and I were across the distance, I wished I had a big sister who could encourage and cheer for me. Someone who has been through it before me.

I told myself that if Johan and I survived the distance, I'd write books about it to encourage others in long-distance relationships.

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