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Level 10 Up Your House

Have you ever heard of the Level 10 Life? I first read about it in Hal Elrod's book The Miracle Morning, which if you haven't read it yet, you must go buy it now. It was such a wonderful and insightful read with actionable steps and ideas for improving your life.

If I could describe the Level 10 Life, it would be that you are living your best life in all areas. So if you had to score your life in all categories, you'd choose from 1-10. If you ended up choosing 10 for those categories, then you have what you'd consider to be your best life.

The different categories of your Level 10 Life:

  1. Health & Fitness

  2. Physical Environment

  3. Giving and/or Contributions

  4. Fun and Recreation

  5. Marriage or Relationship

  6. Career

  7. Finances

  8. Spiritual

  9. Personal Development

  10. Family & Friends

The Plan

Every quarter, I'm planning to check in with my Level 10 life, to see if it's improved. To do that, just go from each category and rate it from 1-10. Ten being the best. 1 being you have a bit of work to do on that section.

How to Improve The Areas

Make a list for each section and ask yourself what will help you achieve a Level 10 Life in that area. For instance, maybe you rated your spiritual life as a 4.

Ask yourself: What can I do to make my spiritual life a level 10 spiritual life?

Make a list with your answers and then aim at doing that. I'm doing this with each room in my house. Here's an example:

Level 10 Up Your House

I'm trying to improve all the areas in my life, but one area I'm focusing on this month is my house and each room in it. That would fall under the physical environment on the Level 10 Life category list.

I want to have a peaceful atmosphere that encourages rest, peace, and joy. A messy house does exactly the opposite.

So this post is an invitation to you... join me.

I'll be updating you all with a new post soon once I've Level 10 Up-ped the rooms in my house. I can't wait to do this.

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