Introducing Romancing The Trope

I'm currently writing a romcom book and while writing one day all of a sudden another guy came into the picture. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I've always told myself I'd never write a story with a love triangle in it. NEVER.

Well, never say never... haha... because guess what I'm doing now?


Writing a love triangle.

So I've been doing some research. I asked myself why I didn't like love triangles and it was actually a pretty good answer that I told myself.

I think back to movies like Twilight where Bella is so wishy washy with what she wants. Is it Jacob. Edward? Jacob? And she kept changing her mind.

That's what I really hate about some love triangles out there. When the heroine isn't someone I want to cheer for it makes it feel like something feel flat with the love triangle. So I wanted to take a look at movies with love triangles and see what it was I felt about them, why some work, why others fail, and what I like or hate about them.

Because, love triangles can work if you write them right. You need to write the best love triangle that you can. So I figured I'd do some research into what makes a good one and what makes one fail.

So I just wanted to announce that here! I'll be sharing more about Romancing The Trope at my Patreon group for all my lovely Patrons. If you'd like to join me over there, join the A Story Life Love reward level to enjoy the Romancing The Trope goodies that I find out!

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