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How We Healed Up After Having Rona

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

As you know this awful virus has been making its rounds throughout the land. Johan and I both got it in 2021. In the middle of it, I decided I’d write a post about what we did that helped us heal up at home.

Now this is what worked for us. I’m not a doctor and can’t say what worked for me will work for everyone else, because this virus seems to affect everyone so differently. But I wanted to do my part and share what worked for me in hopes that it’ll help someone else heal up as well.

Johan and I both had mild-cold-like symptoms. I had it a bit worse than Johan did with congestion, stuffiness, and extreme exhaustion. I swear I’ve NEVER felt so tired before. Even walking to the bathroom tuckered me out.

Right after testing positive we contacted America’s Frontline Doctors and got a consultation with an MD. They prescribed us medicine. If you do the same, you’ll just need to fill in an application with your symptoms, pay, and then the doctor will call you in 24-48ish hours. Then the doctor will talk to you about your symptoms and about treatment.

We were prescribed Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Zinc, and the antibiotic azithromycin. All three of these drugs helped me feel better. I’ll talk more about them below.

Everything That Helped Us Heal Up

There is a lot of fear around Covid-19. I think it’s the surrounding uncertainty that is so scary!

We prepped our freezer with food a few weeks before and we are so thankful we did that. Because we couldn’t go out and about to get groceries during our time at home. Make sure you prep your home, pantry, and freezer. ALSO your medicine cabinet (with things like DayQuil, NyQuil, Mucinex, and vitamins.)

Here’s a list of different things you can do that helped us:

1. Lots of Sleep

During sleep, your body does most of it’s healing. So making sure you get tons of sleep is SO important.

2. Breathe In Steam

This is something that helped clear our air passageways and helped cut down the junk in our chest as well. Just fill up a pot with water and put it on high on the oven. I added some essential oils (peppermint and Immunity Boost) to help more. With Covid-19 we lost our smell and taste. This was such a bizarre experience. Like day two into having no smell, we could smell an unpleasant smell that smelled like burned garlic or cigarette smoke. It was awful. I mean I couldn’t even smell the peppermint when inhaling the steam. And that’s a POWERFUL smell when your nose is feeling like normal.

3. Drink Tons of Water

I swear. Getting dehydrated is awful.

One night that happened to me and I almost passed out. It was so scary. So make sure you drink tons of water. Hot tea, lemonade, and also hot Tang is so good too. Feels good on the throat.

4. Take It Easy

Don’t overdo yourself. I’d break out into sweats or get a tremendous headache if I washed the dishes or did the laundry. This is hard because everyday we dirty clothes and dishes.

So there were a few days where the dishes weren’t done.

5. Take Meds.

SERIOUSLY, you guys. We got a prescription for meds that helped us with Covid-19.

All three of the drugs they prescribed me helped. There were no side effects at all. After taking my first dose of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) I got my smell back. I was so happy about that.

6. Get Yourself A NetiPot

I had awful congestion and it was hard to breathe through my nose. I couldn’t get anything out of my nose, but having the NetiPot helped me tons. This is something I’d recommend everyone grabbing next time they go to Target or Target dot com.

7. If there are more than one in the house (Make sure you separate yourself from each other until you know you both have it.)

After we found out that I had also tested positive for Covid. Johan and I were able to be together again. Honestly, it’s much nicer having people with you in this. I’ve heard of many others who have had to go to the hospital and then they are completely alone. It’s hard to heal up alone and afraid. My heart goes out to those and I pray anyone and everyone who gets this virus heals up like we did.

Doing All of This Helped Us Heal At Home

During this season, I’ve been utterly thankful for HOME and having a safe place in this crazy crazy world. If you haven’t already, get your things together (stock up your food, medicines, and vitamins) and make your home a safe haven. The best place to heal is at home. In your own bed. In your own kitchen.

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