How To Create Your Own Author Instagram Story Highlight Covers (+ FREE TEMPLATES)

Ever see those authors or Instagram influencers with outstanding on-brand story highlight covers where they save their stories? Want to have brilliant story highlight covers too? Well, this post will help you get there.

First Off, Get Your Templates!!

Download your own templates to create your story highlight covers.

Secondly, Some Examples:

When thinking about what you'd like to have in your Author Instagram Story Highlight Covers, I definitely recommend doing some research. Take a look at the people you follow, your friends, and people you look up to. What are they doing? What colors are they using? Do they match their brand? What images are they using?

Here are some examples I found:

I love how April chooses a white background and a simple, yet gorgeous classy illustrations in her highlight cover images. Absolutely love these.

Katharine did an amazing job with the dark background and the light colored images. They also match her brand.

I absolutely love Mevia's with the blue-ish green backgrounds and the white illustrations.

Walk Through Video - How To Create Your Own Story Highlight Covers

  1. Open up the template.

  2. On the left hand side you'll see "Elements" and then you can search for different graphics there to match your different highlights. (Make sure you place these in the center so they'll appear inside the highlight cover's circle.)

  3. When ready, download your highlight covers.

Don't Forget Your Templates!!

This will make it super easy.

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