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Financial Tracker & Budget Binder Collaboration

To help with budgeting, my husband and I are doing cash envelopes. In the past, we've tried cash envelopes. It was never really that successful. We haven't been really good at tracking it in the past.

So I did a collaboration with a few creators from Etsy: awfullyawesome77, CraftyNurseQBudgets, KatiiBudgets. and The Blushing Hippo. Let's hop in and see what kinds of things you can get from them to help you save money and reach your financial goals and dreams.

I got some amazing cash stuffing items sent to me from them and wanted to share a video about them and where you can find them.

I will also be doing an update video as time goes by as I smooth out my budget binder/tracker process.

Links You Are Going To Want To Check Out!!

🗓 The Blushing Hippo Etsy Page:

🗓 CraftyNurseQBudgets Etsy Page:

🗓 Awefully Awesome 77 Etsy Page:

🗓 KatiiBudgets Etsy Page:

Thank you again for doing this collab with me, ladies. I really enjoy your products.

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