LIFESTYLE: Ever Wanted A Peek Into A Writer's Schedule?

The next 30 days are going to be insane and explosive when it comes to my calendar.

I'm so excited because in March, Johan and I will get away to Yellowstone for a long weekend. But until then, I have a book to finish. I can't wait to finish this baby. Project Mistletoe has taken a bit longer to finish than I would have liked. Sadly, I can't just snap my fingers and have the book all done. Doesn't work like that. Wish I had Mary Poppin's talent. 不不If only.

But that means I'll be limiting my time on social media a bit more to only my office hours. So if you write me on there, I'll be sure to get back to you when I am on again the next day.

After doing the math I've found I need to write 27,000 words still until the book is done. I'll just need to do a few 5k writing days and maybe a 10k day somewhere too. Should be doable.

My Writing Plan

  • Starting today February 18th-20th: I'll be finishing up my outline beats for episode 3-5

  • Week of February 21st - 25th: Aiming to reach 12k words

  • Week of February 28 - 4th of March: 12k words

  • Week of March 7th-11th: 3k words

  • Week of March 14th - 18th: Reread and make changes before sending the last three episodes to my alpha readers. (Not know what alpha readers are? They are the first ones who get to read my book and give me feedback to help with developmental type edits.)

After Yellowstone?

While in Yellowstone, I'll be focusing on a fun project my husband and I are working on as well as some outlines/beats for my next book AKA Nancy's Story. (That's not the real title!)

After that, once I'm home... I'll read through Alpha feedback and then make changes to it before sending off to beta readers. (Beta readers are my second eyes. And they give me more feedback.) Interested in being a beta reader, let me know by filling out the application here:

What I'm Currently Working On:



Other Business: Many of you have probably seen my Kickstarter. The serials are up on there with some other fun goodies. That became fully funded over the weekend! So I've been extremely thankful for the support. We still have a week left, so if you wanted to help, there's still time!

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