Draft 1 Diary: Writing Sprint Project Update

Today I worked on a few things during my writing sprints. One is the AFATORs project and I also worked on Project Mistletoe! I began filling out a Save The Cat Beat sheet for it and figured out ACT 1 for my 1st episode. I will release this book as a serial. Know what a serial is? It's like a TV show but in book form. Sounds fun right??

On August 2nd, I'll be doing a Save The Cat Prep series on YouTube. Please feel free to join me and prep a story of your own using Jessica Brody's Save The Cat Writes A Novel.

Here's your invitation:

I can't wait!!!

How My Writing Sprint Went Today

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will host a Live writing sprint on Instagram Live and YouTube Live! Be sure to come join me for a good time of getting your words written, whether that's for a novel you're writing, a poem, or even a play. It's a good time to keep each other accountable and moving forward in our projects.

Current WIP - Project AFATORs

My Current Progress:

Word Count: 2, 159 words

Total Word Count: 15, 533 words

Today's Much Loved Gem

P.S. Come join me for a writing sprint every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9-11am Central Standard Time.

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