Draft 1 Diary: Writing Sprint Project Update

Well that's a wrap. Today's Writing Sprint went amazing!! I was live on Instagram and on YouTube. I'm very excited about growing my YouTube following as that's what I'm currently working on marketing wise.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will host a Live writing sprint on Instagram Live and YouTube Live! Be sure to come join me for a good time of getting your words written, whether that's for a novel you're writing, a poem, or even a play. It's a good time to keep each other accountable and moving forward in our projects.

After Each Writing Sprint

I'll be sharing my progress and update on the project I'm working on after each writing sprint. Figured this would be a neat way to keep you all in the loop with where I'm at currently in my project.

Project: AFATORS

My current progress:

Wednesday Writing Sprint: 3,262

Novel total word count: 13,376

Today's Much Loved Gem:

P.S. Come join me for a writing sprint every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9-11am Central Standard Time.

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