Day Seven - 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

It's day SEVEN of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!! That means we are more than half way to the end. Make sure you sign up now, to get a chance at winning some exciting bookish things.

You'll have a chance to win some awesome things like candles, romcom books (fantasy and more) for the Christmas season, even bookish ornaments, and other goodies. Every day there will be something new!!

There are only THREE things you have to do to be thrown into this amazing giveaway.

1. Sign up for Devin's exciting monthly newsletter here.

2. Follow Devin on Amazon (click on the yellow follow button on her author photo.)

3. Follow her on YouTube

THEN EMAIL the new magic code word in the subject line (you'll be able to find these daily on Devin's Instagram Stories or at her website blog) to You can enter this every day to have more chances to win. We'll be selecting the winner each day at 5pm CST.

**USA Giveaway. I hope to do an international one down the road though.

Today's Magic Code Word

Today's winner will receive:

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