Creating The Best Me is NOW available!!

You guys!?!

Creating The Best Me is NOW available. This is the LAST week of the official preorder, which means if you'd like to get the goodie bundle with the book, it means NOW is the time to order it.

What will I get with the book preorder:

  • Artisan digital quote art print (you can print this and hang it on your wall.)

  • Book club booklet (about how you can create your own book club and tips/tricks for keeping it interesting and fun.)

  • 5 behind-the-scenes videos for each part of the book (There are 5 parts in the book. Each shares a little from each part.)

  • A digital copy of the book

  • The signed print edition

  • A small extra goody from me


BONUS PRE-ORDER ADD ON: If you haven't had a chance get Across The Distance but would like to get it? You can add it to your Pre-Order bundle order for just $8. (It's usually $12)

Want in? Click Buy Now, to get your copy!

To add Across The Distance, click below:

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