Cool Tool For Making More Money While Shopping

Wouldn't it be amazing if you were paid each time you went shopping for items you need like clothing, home appliances, or even whenever you need to get a hotel room? What if I told you there was an app that will pay you whenever you buy stuff from their partnered stores?

It's true. I know it sounds fake, but I want to share with you (because I know what it's like these days and an extra $5-50 a month would help a little.

I've actually made about $35 in the short time that I've been using Rakuten.

I love that you can get cash back for purchases that you are already making. And even for some hotels and flights when purchased through certain links when you click through Rakuten.

Get Paid Money For Making Purchases You're Already Making

Here are the simple steps for earning cash back on things you were already going to buy. Why not got some FREE money back perks.

  1. Sign up for your own account on Rakuten. Just click here. PLUS, right now they are giving all people who sign up with this link $30. Isn't that nice of them? So you'll get $30 in your account!

  2. And then search for the stores you want to shop on.

  3. When you click on the shop you'd like to go shopping on, Rakuten will bring up a little pop up in the right hand top corner saying they've activated the cash back.

  4. Shop to your heart's content. And then they will put the cash back on your site.

  5. Oooohhh and BONUS tip, go into your account settings and make sure that you choose how you'd like to be paid your money. I just have it go to my Paypal account. You get paid quicker that way.

I seriously thought this was too good to be true when I first signed up for Rakuten, but it's real! :) Why not make money back off things you were already going to buy.

You Don't Want To Miss Out On This!

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