WRITING: 5 Writing References You Need To Have on Your Writing Desk

Updated: Feb 16

There are five writing references you MUST keep with you on your writing desk. These are my top go-to books that I use for writing.

I've been really focusing on strengthening my story craft and one of those ways is reading craft books and implementing them. Don't JUST read them. Make sure you stop when they have exercises and do them.

Here are my TOP Five Writing Reference Books

ONE: Save The Cat Writes A Novel - Jessica Brody

This is one of my favorites. It's been so helpful to help me break down my story in a way that makes sense. I never thought I was an outliner, but when I found Save The Cat, I realized I was wrong-VERY WRONG.

The beats just made sense.

If you are a plotter or a pantser or a plantser, I definitely recommend you check out this book.You might learn something that's super helpful.

Buy Save The Cat Now: Amazon.

TWO: The Story Genius - Lisa Cron

This book was Ahhh-mazing. It helped me figure out the ending to a novel I was working on and also helped my characters come into light instead of being dark silhouettes that have no personality.

Throughout the chapters she has wonderful exercises and examples to walk you through doing it with your own story and characters.

I really love how she helped me figure out my character's backstory and their misbeliefs. This is an amazing writing reference you want to have.

Buy The Story Genius Now: Amazon.

THREE: How To Write A Dynamite Scene - Randy Ingermanson

In this book, I really loved how Randy shares about the two different scenes that exist in stories: Action Scenes & Reaction Scenes. It makes sense.

If you'd like to ramp up your scenes, this is a book you're going to want to add to your desk.

Buy How To Write A Dynamite Scene: Amazon.

FOUR: Structuring Your Novel - K.M. Weiland

This book pairs so well with Save The Cat and Story Genius. It's a must. Plus, I love everything by K.M. Weiland. She knows her stuff when it comes to story.

Buy Structuring Your Novel: Amazon.

FIVE: The Anatomy of Story - John Truby

I'm currently reading this book and am loving it. In November 2021, I met John Truby at the conference 20 Books To 50K, which was an amaaaaazing conference. I'll be doing a video and blog post about 20 Books sometime soon!!!

Buy The Anatomy of Story: Amazon.

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