What You Can Expect From Life Writing Wanderlust

I believe words are super powerful. They have an ability to change a person’s life or destroy it. And when you speak words out over people’s lives (even there names) it (the word) has an influence over them. For instance, my name (Devin) means Poet. How crazy is that? I didn't know that when I was young. It changed my world when I found out what my name meant.

Like words, stories change people’s lives. I remember sitting at my grandma’s feet as a child listening to her talk about the olden days when she lived on the prairie’s of Western North Dakota and taught in a one-room schoolhouse. Sure were different times, but those stories gripped onto me. So whenever I’d travel out west with my family to visit grandma, I’d watch the prairie grass wave back and forth almost like it was nodding a hello. It felt like the prairie was whispering it’s age-old stories to me.

Stories. You’ll find a lot of that here, which means you’ll also find: words, travel, lifestyle, and more. I want to shine a light in the world, because I remember times in my life where I was struggling and at just the perfect time I picked up a book and how a couple words or a sentence jumped out to me and gave me hope in my life, kind of like flipping the radio to find the perfect song that speaks to you.

Life Writing Wanderlust is all about story. Sharing stories that transform lives, sharing lifestyle tips and ways to live a life of simplicity, and travel. My husband and I were in a long-distance relationship for 5.5 years, so I tend to talk about relationships, marriage, and long-distance relationships as well.

Here are the topics you’ll be seeing more of:



  1. Making your house your home

  2. Health and Fitness

  3. Journaling

  4. Marriage and relationships

  5. Renovations

  6. DIY

  7. Creativity and art

  8. Organization tips and tricks



  1. How to come up with ideas

  2. How to write a book

  3. How to get published

  4. The editing process

  5. On Marketing your book

  6. How to revise your book

  7. Finding critique partners and beta readers

  8. Formatting and publishing tips



  1. Travel

  2. Planning trips

  3. Things you need for your next trip

  4. Places you MUST go someday

  5. How to find inspiration

  6. How to travel on a budget

Now that you know more about my blog and what you’ll be able to find here, I hope you enjoy it here and find it a comforting and safe place in this corner of a crazy world.

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