100 Day Challenge - Day 6

I started a 100 day challenge where I am studying 100 author's voices, of whom's books I really loved. So after choosing who I'd study, I chose a snippet from the book of the author who I was studying and then took what I learned from that snippet and applied it to my own writing.

Today, I studied Ransom Riggs book (which I loved so much) Miss Peregrine's School For Peculiar Children.

Some things I really love about Ransom Rigg's writing style:

  • First of all, I really love his Peculiar Children books. They seriously got me through 2020 without going crazy!

  • I love how different some of the things are, but they fit so well in the story land that that's just right and it feels like it's true.

  • Really wonderful at description and making you see these characters and times.

So I attempted to add more of that to what I've written below.

I felt even more irritated when I found out I had to work today. Joe called me frantically to tell me his wife’s water broke and he had to rush her to the hospital, and asked If I’d cover his hours for him. I inwardly sighed at his request. It’s not that I hate my job, any nerdy guy would be happy to work with board games, car models, and video games, but I just didn’t want to work today. I’d gotten myself a new game for my birthday last month and wanted to stay glued in front of the TV in my boxers. I hadn’t bothered to get dressed this morning or rather hadn’t really gone to bed the night before. That’s what happened when you didn’t really have a life or a girlfriend. I’d just passed a new level of the game. The game was set during WWII in Germany. You were a soldier. Honestly, my biggest desire was to get into a room with Hitler and blow his brains out with my rifle. He may have looked like a human on the outside with those dark eyes and his infamous rotzbremse mustache, but he was seething with black snakes inside his heart and even more venomous ideas inside his head.


I can't wait to share more of this story with you all.

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