100 Day Challenge - Day 4

I started a 100 day challenge where I am studying 100 author's voices, of whom's books I really loved. So after choosing who I'd study, I chose a snippet from the book of the author who I was studying and then took what I learned from that snippet and applied it to my own writing.

Today, I studied C.S. Lewis' book (which I loved so much) The Horse and His Boy.

Some things I really love about C.S. Lewis' writing style:

  • First of all, he's my favorite.

  • How his story comes alive in your mind. You feel like you are really there in Narnia.

  • You care about the characters.

So I attempted to add more of that to what I've written below.

The cat lifted its head. Miss. Turnvahl soothed its little head with pats, “You look like you’ve been through a lot. Lucky we’ve found you.” She glanced around at the grass huts and dirt roads. They were on a mission of sorts to find underprivileged gifted kids to help.

She looked at the cat again and smiled, reaching down to pick it up. Their eyes met. The cats ears twitched as a small innocent voice escaped the small floof, “You wouldn’t believe everything I’ve seen.”


I can't wait to share more of this story with you all.

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