100 Day Challenge - Day 11

I started a 100 day challenge where I am studying 100 author's voices, of whom's books I really loved. So after choosing who I'd study, I chose a snippet from the book of the author who I was studying and then took what I learned from that snippet and applied it to my own writing.

Today, I studied Lois Walfrid Johnson's series and in particular I'm looking at the book "Mystery of the Silver Coins" (which I really loved so much) And funny cool story. In her book she has a character named Devin, so when I met Lois, she signed my book like this:

At that moment, I didn't know what my name meant. It was life changing. My name means poet.

Some things I really love about her writing style are:

  • How descriptive she is. You feel like you're there.

  • Her characters are fun and unique.

  • Plus, who doesn't love vikings??? If you don't, I don't want to hear about it. lol... :P

I walk quickly on a cobble-stoned street. It is too quiet, like something is about to go wrong. Nothing is familiar. Some type of warning bell echos in a high pitch through the chilly night. It drops and rises. Countless people run out of their houses and into small shelters in their backyards.

“Sir, do you have a place to hide?” A man says in a British accent as he stops in his yard to look at me, “Those are the air raid sirens. If you don’t, you can come in ours.”

I did not know where I was, but wherever I was… it wasn’t what I was used to.


I can't wait to share more of this story with you all.

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