100 Day Challenge - Day 10

I started a 100 day challenge where I am studying 100 author's voices, of whom's books I really loved. So after choosing who I'd study, I chose a snippet from the book of the author who I was studying and then took what I learned from that snippet and applied it to my own writing. Today, I studied J.K. Rowling's book (which I loved so much) Harry Potter (1). Are you a Harry Potter lover too? Some things I really love about her writing style are:

  • How descriptive she is. You feel like you're there.

  • Her characters and their powers are so unique.

  • Love the magic.

  • Also love the darkness they fight with love.

So I attempted to add more of that to what I've written below.

A healing power lived in her garden. It was a peculiar thing she’d noticed many years before when she was struggling to have a child. Her garden created the calm in her life and brought her joy. It started out with small feelings like that, but after planting a special bulb she got pregnant as though the garden was gifting her. Later after the child was born, she thought she’d give the miraculous powers of her garden another try by gifting a couple bulbs of that same plant to a friend who’s husband was dying of terminal cancer. She instructed her friend to have her husband plant the bulbs. So he did. He lived.


I can't wait to share more of this story with you all.

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