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Freelance Fiancé at Mistletoe Inn

You can’t schedule love . . . or can you?


My great aunt has a crazy family tradition—in order to inherit the Dakota Prairie Rose Inn before she retires I must be engaged by my 25th birthday — Christmas, which is less than a month away.

There’s no way that’ll work when I’m as single as a lost mitten on a ski hill. If that isn't enough, the bad news just keeps pouring in. No detailed list in my trusty planner or obsessing over plans will help. This tradition is a mistletoe-shaped bomb about to blow. If it does, I could lose the only place I ever loved.


I flew to North Dakota to save my freelance business and dig out of my debt. Now I’m stuck at a dinky airport in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard. My prospects are bleak–I’m trying to forget my narcissistic ex who won’t leave me alone.

Everything takes a turn for the better when I meet Addison. She’s so easy to talk to. Before I know it, I’m offering to be her fake fiancé. . . which is sort of like a freelance job, right? There’s something special about her, plus it'll help since I need the money.

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