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Creating The Best Me


Book Summary:

If you’ve ever thought . . .
- I feel like a failure.
- Why can’t I ever lose weight?
- I wish I loved myself more.
- I wish I was happier.
- Why don’t I ever accomplish my goals?
- I hate my job and would love to quit.
- I wish I’d stop staying I wish…

. . . Then you will benefit from the bold, yet inspiring stories filled inside Creating The Best Me. In this encouraging and motivational book, Devin shares stories of hope, heartening interviews with women on life, creativity, business, abusive relationships, and even some who battled eating disorders.

Devin conversationally about the moments that build up our lives. She reveals beneficial truths and actionable steps to help you create your best life —physically, mentally, spiritually, and creatively.

Grab your signed print copy today!

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Read the first

Three Chapters!!

I always wish they'd share more of the book in the sneak peek inside the book on Amazon. So here are the first three chapters for you to read.

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